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Workers’ Compensation

The past five years have seen a major shift of Georgia workers’ comp cases to mediated solutions, lightening the load for administrative law judges in the state. Because of our firm’s experience and knowledge in the area of workers’ compensation, Mediated Resolutions, has been an important part of that shift. Today, workers’ comp cases constitute the single largest group that come to us to be resolved.

At Mediated Resolutions, you will work with a team of experienced and dedicated legal professionals. We are a group of Georgia mediation lawyers who are committed to working for the interests of individuals and families in communities throughout Georgia.

Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage Disputes

The question in workers’ compensation cases is always the same: Is this injury covered or not?

In workers’ compensation mediation, the two parties begin by making an opening statement, describing and giving reasons for their point of view in the case. After that, the two sides separate, and the mediator moves back and forth between the two parties providing guidance and neutral insight to both parties as well as delivering messages from the other side. It is expected that information offered within the mediation remain confidential.

Mediated Resolutions

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Mediated Resolutions is one of the most experienced mediators in our state. The truth is that anyone can claim to be a mediator, and you may be a mediator’s very first case. Always go with experience and knowledge of the law. At Mediated Resolutions, we have experience and the reputation for calm, ordered mediation that few firms can match. You never have to wonder, “Does this person understand the problem?” There is no one in our office who is not an attorney.

Why Choose Mediation?

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Mediation

We bring not only more than a half-century of workers’ compensation work, but experience working with complex cases involving third-party tortfeasors, product liability claims and even issues of malpractice. When you need speedy, affordable injured worker dispute resolution, call our lawyer/mediators at 678-539-1080, toll free 800-655-4108.