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Truck Accidents

Accidents involving trucks are some of the most deadly, and most costly, of all motor vehicle accidents, often resulting in death. Resolving disputes relating to truck crashes is never an easy business. Truck accidents often involve multiple parties — not just the driver of the truck, but its owner and any party that serviced the truck, or that hired or trained the driver.

Georgia Trucking Accidents Dispute Resolution

This complexity increases the necessity to “get it right” in mediation, so that those who are injured may speedily obtain the compensation due to them — no more, and no less. Mediated Resolutions provides a neutral environment in which to hear the story of the accident from both sides. It is nonbinding, so risk is very slight.

Wrongful death suits involving trucking accidents require a careful determination of the dollar value of a lost loved one. Though it is really not possible to calculate such a thing — the value of a breadwinner, caregiver, parent or child — there nevertheless are formulas allowing us to calculate how the total costs of the surviving families’ loss may be stated.

Talented Attorneys Finding Common Ground

At Mediated Resolutions, our goal as mediators is not to punish or reward either side, but to create an environment in which both sides can arrive at a reasonable agreement. When mediation succeeds, it is an acceptable conclusion for all parties, arrived at a lower cost, in less time, and with less aggravation than courtroom litigation.

If you are an injured party and you need to be compensated as soon as possible, mediation is a valid approach for you. If the insurance carrier rejects a proposed settlement, you may be better off taking the case to trial.

Resolving Trucking Injuries Insurance Coverage Disputes

Mediation serves other purposes besides claims negotiation. Many times, people injured in truck crashes believe they are covered by their policies, while the insurer disagrees. This kind of coverage issue can be decided in negotiation or in court. A quicker, calmer avenue for resolution is mediation. Very often, insurers will consent to mediation knowing that the process protects their rights, too — while sparing them the unpredictability of a jury decision.

Why Choose Mediation?

Resolve truck accident liability issues in mediation — contact the Atlanta truck accident mediation lawyers at Mediated Resolutions at 678-539-1080, toll free 800-655-4108; or describe your situation using our online form.