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Nursing Home Abuse

Incidents in which vulnerable persons are seriously harmed result in very strong opinions. One recent case of obvious nursing home negligence involved an elderly woman who walked away in shirtsleeves and suffered serious hypothermia. The nursing home accepted that it had been negligent in the case, but wanted a chance to tell its side, to prevent the eventual judgment from wrecking the business.

A suit against a nursing home may go to trial, and one side may emerge as the clear winner, but at considerable cost, distraction, and the risk of having a matter that is critical to both sides decided by a judge who is not close to the case.

Mediated Resolutions

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Georgia Elder Abuse Dispute Resolution

Very often, a better solution is to mediate the suit. At Mediated Resolutions, of Atlanta, we provide a neutral, well-ordered alternative to conventional litigation. The outcome is one that both sides agree is fair — or they must go the more expensive route of courtroom litigation to obtain resolution.

In the area of nursing home suits, we have dealt with the full array of complaints, including claims that the nursing or assisted living center:

  • Didn’t feed a relative on a regular basis, or enough
  • Didn’t give relatives their medication as required
  • Ignored doctors’ recommendations
  • Ignored DNR instructions
  • Didn’t treat wounds, allowing infection to set in
  • Force-fed a relative
  • Allowed a relative to wander and harm himself or herself
  • Contributed to dehydration and malnutrition
  • Is responsible for stolen money or valuables
  • Did not take steps to prevent bedsores
  • Committed acts of violence or sexual or emotional abuse

It is the job of the mediator to apply the necessary time and attention to obtain an acceptable and comprehensible resolution as efficiently as possible.

Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation allows parties to meet in the middle, between winning and losing. It is a creative space permitting options unavailable in a regular court, which may be just what you need.

We welcome inquiries from individuals, businesses and attorneys. Call the Atlanta nursing home abuse mediation lawyers at Mediated Resolutions at 678-539-1080, toll free 800-655-4108, or write to us using this online form.

Ask the Atlanta nursing home abuse mediation lawyers at Mediated Resolutions how you can save time, money, risk and aggravation through a mediated solution.